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Have you heard about the growing demand for pecans, the healthy nut full of nutritional benefits? Perhaps you have!

  • Are you starting a pecan orchard?
  • Are you looking for seedling trees?
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  • We have pecan nurseries of thousands
    of pecan seedlings for sale at well below
    market prices! Look through our site to find
    the pecan trees that can meet your needs.


The mission of Perfect Pecans is to provide growers with large volumes of healthy pecan seedlings at below wholesale prices. Perfect Pecans believes that people should be placed above profits, and the corporation must not only conduct business within the community, but must also be an active supporter of the community itself. Our market emphasis is the southeast region of the U.S. The company is committed to conducting its operations ethically, and we remain dedicated to the care and preservation of the environment that God so graciously created for us.

Perfect Pecans, Inc.
3402 Troy Road
Blackshear, GA 31516
(912) 449-1323